Pat Flynn Smart Passive Income Review

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This is my honest Pat Flynn Smart Passive Income review where you can find out whether this is a website to take notice of or whether it will just waste your time and you should move on.

The Smart Passive Income blog came on to my radar after a post from Michael Dunlop at Income Diary. Michael had mentioned the top current bloggers and I thought it was worth checking out. Since then I have checked out Pat’s website and here are my findings.Pat Flynn Smart Passive Income Review

Who Is Pat Flynn?
The first question should always be who is this person and is it a good use of my time learning from him? One of the big differences with Pat is his transparency. On a monthly basis he always creates a ‘monthly earnings report’ on exactly how much he makes online and where it came from. This in itself speaks a thousand words. Firstly it proves he knows what he is talking about and second you can learn a ton from this.

There is gold in them there reports

The Good Points
It has to be said that Pat seems like a genuinely nice guy. It’s is quite refreshing to have an authority who not only clearly knows what he is talking about but who also cares about his readers and their success. Pat has obviously put in the work to actually become very good at his craft.

Patt’s Free Ebook
His free Ebook, ‘Ebooks the Smart Way’ is an extremely high quality guide for researching, creating and automating your own Ebook. You can instantly tell when somebody knows the true value of a ‘Lifetime Customer’ as opposed to the ‘one off’ sale. This explains his exponential success rate.

Whats Makes This Website Different?
Work hard now so that you can reep the benefits later

The tag line is basically exactly what needs to be done to enjoy true success. Too many ‘Guru’s’ claim making money is fast and easy which is why 95% of new online marketers struggle and give up when this could be avoided.

Who Is Smart Passive Income For?
If you are looking for a genuine authority (and nice person) to learn online marketing from then you will love the Smart Passive Income blog. There is no fluff or false promises. Just helpful content and great guests to help you start build a passive income stream for yourself.


One of Pats lessons is to always
Stand Out from the Crowd‘.

It was this tip from one of his podcasts that was the inspiration for this post. So I tip my hat to Pat and say keep up the good work!

Be sure to grab Pats free Ebook ‘Ebooks the Smart Way‘ to see how to create your own Ebook that sells.

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