Disclaimer: Please note that all the resources shown below I personally use everyday in my Internet marketing business. I will never recommend a product or service that I have not personally used.

The Best Computer for Internet Marketers

16 150x150 ResourcesImac: If you to be a market leader then you need a market leading computer. The Imac makes creating videos, audios, documents and everything you need to do easy and simple to do. Apple programs also have the extra benefit of making content look great.

25 150x150 ResourcesMac Book Pro: For a great computer that is portable and powerful, the best out at the moment is the Mac Book Pro. Again it is very simple to use compared to a PC and it makes all of your work look great.


Where To Buy Your Domain Names

111 150x150 ResourcesName Cheap: is where I buy all of my domain names from. It is very simple to use and is a great solution for all your domain name needs. Simply do a search for the name you want and it will show you which extensions are available.


Where To Get The Best Hosting

51 150x150 ResourcesHostgator:  I have used Hostgator from day one and they are great. Their customer support is fantastic and they have helped me out of a mess on a couple of occasions. I recommend you start on their ‘Baby’ plan for $9.95 p/m where you can make as many websites as you want. Use the coupon code FIRSTMONTH1 to get your first month for $1.


How To Create a Professional Website

17 150x150 ResourcesWordPress is the platform you want to use for your websites. It is simple to use and they rank really well in the search engines. Follow the link to see how easy it is to make your own website in under 5 minutes.

26 150x150 ResourcesWoo Themes: Woo Themes is a great place to buy ‘Themes’ for your website. Themes are how your website looks and Woo Theme have lots of great looking themes to choose from.

33 150x150 ResourcesThesis Theme:  The Thesis WordPress theme is one of the easiest themes to customize. It’s great for the complete beginner and has been made with an SEO advantage. The SEO elements are also all built in.

43 150x150 ResourcesOptimizepress: The Optimizepress theme by James Dyson is the best theme for creating high converting squeeze pages and sales pages. Like Thesis it is very simple to customize and gives your websites a professional look.


How To Build A Big Twitter Following

52 150x150 ResourcesTweet Adder: If you would like to know how I get so many Twitter followers and how you can too, you want to check out Tweet Adder. For my readers I also created a quick ‘How To’ video showing you how to build a big Twitter following without getting your account banned.


Your Professional Email Marketing System

18 ResourcesAweber: It is essential that you build an online database of prospects and customers. Email marketing is the number one ROI activity you can do online and Aweber is great. The form you see on this website and the emails I send are using Aweber. Aweber also comes with a $1 trial.


 How To Find Profitable Keywords

27 150x150 ResourcesGoogle Keyword Tool: The Google keyword tool is where you can find out what people are typing in to Google for free. It’s great for finding long tail keywords that you can quickly get on page 1 for and getting traffic to your website. Together with Market Samurai, it’s all you need.

34 150x150 ResourcesMarket Samurai: Market Samurai is great for finding out how strong the competition on Page 1 of Google is. There are several modules that help you find profitable keywords and tracking your current rankings in one place.


How To Track Your Website Visitors

44 150x150 ResourcesGoogle Analytics: Google analytics is a free tool that will show you exactly who is coming to your website, where they are coming from, how long they stay on your site, which of your pages are the best, which pages you need to change, whether people are just leaving straight away or engaging. Essential information.

53 150x150 ResourcesCrazy Egg: Crazy Egg is a tool that will show you exactly where your visitors are clicking which is awesome. Once you know this information you can then make the changes to your website to make it better for your users and to delete whats not working.


Essential Software

19 150x150 ResourcesScreenflow: Screenflow makes it very simple to record your screen. If you ever want to make a video you simply record your screen with screen flow, do a quick edit and then you can send it directly to YouTube. Screenflow makes making movies simple.

28 150x150 ResourcesDrop Box: Would you like to have a hard drive that is kept in the clouds where you can then access all your files, photos, videos from any computer on?. This is what Drop box does. Your first 2GB of storage is free.


Traffic and Back Link Solutions

35 150x150 ResourcesArticle Marketing Automation: How would you like each post on your blog to be turned in to a hundred variations and put on to other websites which then all link back to your website bringing you traffic while getting you Page 1 rankings? This is the power of AMA and which is why it is one of my daily essential tools.

45 150x150 ResourcesUnique Article Wizard: Like AMA this tool will help put your website content on hundreds of other websites building you back links, creating traffic and building your authority. UAW is another one of my essential daily tools. Tip: Just be sure to link to other properties and not just your website.

Screen shot 2012 10 07 at 09.13.55 ResourcesI Got Link: As a business owner you really should try to use an SEO company as soon as you can. Building links is far to time consuming. Remember business is all about how to spend $1000 and make $2000. This is what you do with an SEO company. The one that I use is I Got Link.


Products To Help Speed Up Your Results

Screen shot 2012 10 07 at 08.26.12 ResourcesInternet Marketing Coaching: They say that you earn what the 5 closest people around you make. If you would like to surround yourself with 6-7 figure Internet marketers that will give you advice, guidance and review your work, you will want to check out the Fast Web Formula forum.


110 148x150 ResourcesIncrease Your Traffic: If you are serious about building a big Internet business online then you need to learn how to drive traffic to your websites. This is the one topic which many people struggle with. The best course to learn how to start driving massive amounts of traffic that I have done so far was Traffic Grab.


Screen shot 2012 10 07 at 08.49.41 ResourcesAffiliate Marketing Training: Affiliate marketing is an excellent business modal. Affiliate marketing is how I personally replaced my 9-5 income. The problem is that there are many little things which can stop you making sales. Learn straight from the Swiss Super Affiliate Andy Grand with Super Fast Affiliate.


36 ResourcesEmail Marketing Training: Email marketing is one of the highest ROI activities you can do online. By far the best course I  have done on how to do email marketing right and get the highest conversions from your email list was the Autoresponder Madness 2.0.